The strongest survive. What about the weakest?

Latest preliminary data from The Economist EIU brings very disturbing news: severe global recession is under way, while further uncertainty due to unpredictable development of the pandemic and its ultimate toll on the people, communities, business, states and international frameworks could make this forecast redundant in a few months. The world may be entering the […]

Top-10 Cryptos in 2020

TOP-10 CRYPTOS IN 2020 By Marius Kramer, No. 1 Cryptocurrency writer on Quora worldwide I think at the end of 2020, this is how it will be. 1. Bitcoin from $185B to $1.85T = 10x / no rank change Bitcoin is king, especially for institutional investors. It has shown us that throughout the beginning of […]

Trump-Putin Summit: Ukraine’s Gas Transit Still in Limbo?

As many analysts will be trying now to decipher the real outcome of the summit (please see video at and transcript at, let’s note that there have been some interesting and visible “movements” on contentious Ukraine gas transit issue. First and most obvious conclusion – there will be probably no further US sanctions […]

Russia’s Gas Transit Poker Game: It’s Time to Help Ukraine and Change the Tactics – Part 2

Gazprom’s “Game of Poker” There are a few visible “poker game”moves undertaken by both sides as well as by third parties in the post-arbitration period: Gazprom’s seeming unwillingness to pay what is due to Ukraine ($2.56 billion). Some experts, however, point out that the likelihood of payment is still rather high. Apart from possible reputational risks, Gazprom’s […]

Russia’s Gas Transit Poker Game: It’s Time to Help Ukraine and Change the Tactics – Part 1

“Gas War” between Russia and Ukraine in the Geopolitical Context Recently, the future of Russian gas transit through Ukraine has grown into one of the hottest and most contentious geopolitical issues. Problems that always existed between Ukraine and Russia in the gas sector have become particularly acute after annexation of Crimea and armed aggression in […]