• Putin’s Pyrrhic Victory

  • America and China’s Codependency Trap

  • Education in Ukraine

  • Most Ukrainian believes that the economic situation has deteriorated

  • Ukrainian IT export reached $ 550 million

Putin’s Pyrrhic Victory

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign incursions and public displays of militant nationalism have proved effective in winning over large swathes of the Russian electorate. But they have also turned Russia into an economic lightweight, and left it increasingly isolated on the world stage. STOCKHOLM – Vladimir Putin’s reelection to a fourth term as Russia’s president […]


The article deals with the analysis of basic geostrategic priorities of Ukraine that have to become the basis of the realization of geostrategy’s development of the country and assist the forming of its international subjectivity. The influence of foreign-policy threats has been found out  on modern state of transformation of  bilateral and multilateral relations with global geopolitical players and […]

America and China’s Codependency Trap

NEW HAVEN – Seemingly at odds with the world, US President Donald Trump has once again raised the possibility of a trade conflict with China. On August 14, he instructed the US Trade Representative to commence investigating Chinese infringement of intellectual property rights. By framing this effort under Section 301 of the US Trade Act of 1974, […]

Education in Ukraine

Європейський Фонд Освіти – агенція Європейської Спільноти, яка поширює цінності та цілі ЄС серед краї – не членів спільноти. Зокрема, робота ETF базується на фундаментальному принципі, який полягає в тому, що професійна освіта є запорукою конкурентоспроможності, зайнятості та мобільності сучасного суспільства. Поширюючи свій досвід,  ETF допомагає людям розвивати їхні здібності, таким чином сприяючі підвищенню життєвих […]

Ukraine: Ten Shocks

The unprecedented economic challenges Ukraine encountered in 2014 pose severe survival risks not only for the country itself, but also for its supporters, for whom the situation has farreaching economic and financial implications. Moreover, the present condition also carries risks for further instability in Russia: a major nuclear state and global energy supplier. It is […]