In this section the range of publications of leading international and Ukrainian experts, international organizations, leading consulting agencies devoted to the issue of assessment and benchmarking of Ukrainian competitive status in the global competitive environment are represented


European Union  National Innovation System: Appraisal
UN Human Development Report 2003Human Development Report 2001
PricewaterhouseCoopers Doing Business in Ukraine
Freedom House Freedom in the World 2008 (Ukraine)
Nations in Transit 2008 (Ukraine)
Transpatency International Corruption Perceptions Index
Global Corruption Barometr
OECD Ukraine:Economic assessement, 2007
Agricultural policy in non-OECD countries
BIZPRO Ukraine: competing in the global economy
National Institute for Strategic Studies  Ukraine:results, problems, prospects
Ukrainian hi-tech initiative Conducting business in Ukraine
White paper on offshore software development in Ukraine
The potential of Ukraine in the global IT offshore outsourcing marke