The article deals with the analysis of basic geostrategic priorities of Ukraine that have to become the basis of the realization of geostrategy’s development of the country and assist the forming of its international subjectivity. The influence of foreign-policy threats has been found out  on modern state of transformation of  bilateral and multilateral relations with global geopolitical players and centers that determines the  necessity of the revision system of key ways and methods of furtherance of national country’s interests  in the conditions of new world order.  A subregional level and deterrent nature of modern Ukrainian geostrategy are found out as a result of basic socio-political processes that take place in the state.

The influence is estimated on Ukraine of two geopolitical players of the United States of America and Russian Federation, that leaves it the small state, geopolitical cent (axis), object of fight, and the role of such subjects of international relations on strengthening and weakening of the role of Ukraine in the global system of making decisions. It is proved that with the aim of forming of own subjectivity and strengthening of the role on a world scale, Ukraine has to  choose the newest, asymmetric ways and methods of counteraction to external influence that are applied against it and establishing  control over national territories.