The aspects of international communication: Strategic partnership of Ukraine and Turkey

The article is intended to the analysis of geopolitical, conflict-related, strategic interests of Ukraine, which can be realized within the framework of the South vector of the state geopolitics through rational and pragmatic cooperation with the trans-regional leader of the region – Turkey. The purpose of the study is to identify priority areas of cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in the Black Sea region for the effective implementation of geostrategic interests of Ukraine, and the regularity of development of systems in political defense of states during crises and modern military-political conflicts. The use of interdisciplinary approach and methods of analytical, comparative analysis made it possible to study and analyze the evolution of the value-ideological loads which dominate the implementation of Eastern or Western geopolitical vectors. The necessity to take into account political, social, and conflict-related imbalances and integration constraints revealed the pragmatic direction of the implementation of an equidistant foreign policy of a three-dimensional format which can be viewed as an alternative vector of bilateral cooperation with Turkey, a joint position with which will ensure accelerated development of Ukraine and will help avoid pressure from the European Union and the Russian Federation.

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Шевель Інна 31.10.2021