About Us

Our mission is to initiate a dialogue in the society — among science, business, state authorities, non-governmental organizations, mass media — in order to elevate the idea of national competitiveness to the forefront of national consciousness.

The CCU should become a forum:

  1. To spread and promote advanced international experience in developing national competitiveness strategy.
  2. To hold international meetings and conferences on Ukraine’s national competitiveness.
  3. To mobilize a scientific potential in order to develop the concept of national competitiveness as well as methodologies for its monitoring and use in economic policy.
  4. To concentrate funding for research on world trends in this sphere and various aspects of Ukraine’s competitiveness.
  5. To implement various initiatives — e.g. Center for Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Regions; Initiative on Competitiveness and National Security; Parliamentary hearings on the impact of new technologies on society and defining national strategic priorities in knowledge-based economy, Dialogue between business and authorities on the quality of governance and competitiveness, etc.