The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (was founded in October 1999 by top-ranking Ukrainian politicians and the German Advisory Group on Economic Reforms, which is part of Germany’s TRANSFORM programme. The Institute is jointly financed by the Ukrainian and the German Government. It is in full operation since July 1st, 2000.

to establish an independent research organisation that will provide decision-makers, inside and outside government, with analyses of the Ukrainian economy and economic policies;

to support the economic training and analytical capacity of Ukrainian scholars as potential economic reformers;
to provide policy advice on the basis of sound economic research.

Principles of work
The Institute is dedicated to the principles of a free and democratic market economy. Political independence is a prerequisite for the Institute if it is to find appropriate answers to questions of economic policy and avoid the manipulation of results. At the same time, close contacts to political decision-makers are needed in order to implement political advice. While the Institute develops its own long-term research agenda, the Institute will be responsive to short- and medium-term policy issues in the Ukrainian economy.

The structure of the Institute and research team
The Institute is directed by Igor Burakovsky, Professor at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”. It is staffed by 12 Ukrainian research associates, most of whom have been educated in international education programs. During the first phase of its operation, the Institute is working in close co-operation with the German Advisory Group on Economic Reforms. An intensive know-how and information transfer between the Institute and numerous international and foreign universities and research institutions is pursued.