Russia’s Gas Transit Poker Game: It’s Time to Help Ukraine and Change the Tactics – Part 2

Gazprom’s “Game of Poker” There are a few visible “poker game”moves undertaken by both sides as well as by third parties in the post-arbitration period: Gazprom’s seeming unwillingness to pay what is due to Ukraine ($2.56 billion). Some experts, however, point out that the likelihood of payment is still rather high. Apart from possible reputational risks, Gazprom’s […]

Russia’s Gas Transit Poker Game: It’s Time to Help Ukraine and Change the Tactics – Part 1

“Gas War” between Russia and Ukraine in the Geopolitical Context Recently, the future of Russian gas transit through Ukraine has grown into one of the hottest and most contentious geopolitical issues. Problems that always existed between Ukraine and Russia in the gas sector have become particularly acute after annexation of Crimea and armed aggression in […]


The article deals with the analysis of basic geostrategic priorities of Ukraine that have to become the basis of the realization of geostrategy’s development of the country and assist the forming of its international subjectivity. The influence of foreign-policy threats has been found out  on modern state of transformation of  bilateral and multilateral relations with global geopolitical players and […]

Dr. Hawrylyshyn’s Legacy in Vision for His Country

Dr. Hawrylyshyn, a prominent intellectual, researcher, educator, humanist and simply a Great Ukrainian, had passed away on 24 October 2016, aged 90, in Kyiv. He was a figure of international stature and importance. Born in pre-war Ukraine to a family of pheasants in a village of Ternopil province, taken out of the country by the […]

CIA data confirms Ukraine’s central bank was the worst in controlling inflation…

The main conclusion I deliberated upon in my previous post “How central bank policies undermine a troubled currency and exacerbate recession: the case of Ukraine” ( that sometimes central banks do worse than better to macroeconomic stability of a given country is now indirectly confirmed by the recently published CIA World Factbook data on inflation […]

How central bank’s policies undermine a troubled currency and exacerbate recession: the case of Ukraine

This is a short version of the article published by the journal Studies in Applied Economics of Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. Please read the full text here: There has been an ongoing academic and public debate as to whether central banks in developing countries with weak […]

Ukraine Debt Restructuring: Its Strategy Should Be Different.

Ukraine’s official debt restructuring strategy looks like arm-twisting: either the  creditors accept the haircut and other terms, say the officials, or the country defaults. No other options are on the table. The IMF-led bailout is conditional upon the success of a debt deal that must be reached in less than 20 days now. In addition […]

Ukraine: Ten Shocks

The unprecedented economic challenges Ukraine encountered in 2014 pose severe survival risks not only for the country itself, but also for its supporters, for whom the situation has farreaching economic and financial implications. Moreover, the present condition also carries risks for further instability in Russia: a major nuclear state and global energy supplier. It is […]